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Spotify on Apple TV
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For those music lovers who are lucky enough to have access to Spotify (I’m looking at you Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), there is a great little app called Airfoil for your Mac or PC that allows you to play your music directly to your Apple TV. It works seemlessly!

Spotify has long since been AirPlay-enabled from an iPhone or iPad (just click ‘more’ while listening on your iOS device), however, as most Spotify users are still basic subscribers, Spotify remains a Mac/PC based program. Airfoil is a very easy-to-use application that can send almost any audio from your computer to your Apple TV – perfect if you have your best audio speakers running in tandem with your Apple TV. Check out the Spotify App here.

It’s free to download and trial but will cost you $25 for the licence. That’s not exactly cheap, but as Spotify users know, it’s pretty good value to be able to access and play music for free from such a massive database.

July 2011 UPDATE: Spotify is now available in the USA. Click here for more…

Spotify for Mac & PC
Spotify for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Airfoil for Mac & PC
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