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It’s a common issue; you love your Apple TV and you also love your Android phone, and to describe the synchronicity of the two devices as a match made in heaven, would have you either diagnosed insane or branded a liar of the highest degree. However, like in any bickering relationship, there are moments of calm, clarity and even cohesion, giving us a glimmer of hope of a more fruitful future together. doubleTwist AirSync is one such moment. Granted, it won’t have us all jumping out of our skins at the list of its capabilities, however, it is a suggestion of the potential of things to come. Trawling the forums for Apple TV, ‘potential’ has become almost a dirty word. It can often indicate unfulfilled promises and dreams and thus I am loathe to use it too often. However, with the announcement of iOS 5 and the future of iPad mirroring (read this if you haven’t) bringing gaming and browsing to Apple TV, I am confident that when it comes to the Apple TV, potential will be realised. But I digress (quite a bit it would seem), I am here to talk about the potential of Airplay on non-iOS devices, more specifically, Android.

doubleTwist has long been an alternative media player for Android devices. Whether it is any better than the native player is up for debate, albeit a debate I certainly wouldn’t pay any of my hard-earned to see. But then along comes an upgrade called AirSync and SNAP!, we have ourselves something to talk about. Now all you Android users can AirPlay your music and videos to your Apple TV and those lovely shiny speakers attached. As I said, I certainly won’t be writing home to my Granny about it, the Apple TV fan she is, however, it is sure to be very useful to all seven of you who are rocking the Android/Apple TV set-up.

It’s straight forward functionality as would be expected:

  • Download doubleTwist Player in the Android Market (Free)
  • Click on the AirSync icon and upgrade/download AirSync ($4.99)
  • Input your Wifi settings
  • Select your music or video and press the ‘AirPlay’ icon which looks nothing like the real Apple AirPlay icon (more like a typical wifi icon), choose Apple TV. Needless to say, make sure your AirPlay setting on your Apple TV is on.

Don’t freak out, there is a slight lag before the AirPlay option comes up after initially pressing play, costing you approximately five seconds of your oh-so-valuable time. Slightly off topic but very much relevant, AirSync also wirelessly syncs to your iTunes library so you can easily update your Android device with your iTunes music, playlists etc. Seems odd that I would add such a great feature as almost an afterthought, but, this is of course a site dedicated to the Apple TV.

So, what do you think? Does this indicate potential for a relationship between Android and AirPlay (obviously an unofficial one) or will the closed circuit between AirPlay, iOS and OSX continue to be just that? What are the legal restrictions and what about programming? How has doubleTwist managed to squeeze themselves into this world at all?

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