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    Apple TV

    Apple TV is one of the most remarkable developments in the world of entertainment and information access in recent times. This tiny device sits neatly next to your digital television and through a wireless internet connection (WIFI) gives you access to some of the most amazing content available on the web. The Apple TV allows you to watch movies, TV shows, podcasts, YouTube, listen to music, view your photo galleries and play your favourite content directly from iTunes on your computer via AirPlay.

    Apple TV and AirPlay

    Since the introduction of the Apple TV 2G in September 2010, Apple has introduced AirPlay – a function that lets you stream video and audio content from any iOS device. This introduction has opened the door for 3rd party App Developers to make custom apps for the Apple TV. Developers have been scrambling to get their apps ready for the Apple TV since AirPlay was introduced and we are now seeing the revolution of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps, now being enjoyed on Widescreen TV displays.

    What can you do on Apple TV?

    This is probably the most commonly asked question about the Apple TV. With the introduction of AirPlay and 3rd party Apps, you can do just about anything with the Apple TV 2G but here’s a start.

    • Preview & rent the latest films for just $4.99 (US).
    • Preview & purchase episodes and entire seasons of your favourite TV Shows for a low price of 99c (US).
    • Watch live PPV (Pay Per View) Major League Baseball (MBL) and NBA basketball games.
    • Listen to, or Watch Podcasts about almost anything. If you want to learn to cook, there’s something for you. If you want to learn a new language, there’s something for you too!
    • Share your memories. Entertain family and friends with beautiful imagery on your widescreen television… you can navigate manually or set the unit to display a slideshow whilst you play your favourite soundtrack in the background.
    • Create beautiful sideshows in the click of a button.
    • Presentations are made easy using the MobileMe Gallery Feature. Simply setup the images you require using your MobileMe account and scroll through the slides as required.
    • Use your favourite Apple and 3rd Party Apps that are Apple TV ready (Airplay Enabled).
    • If you are a member of Netflix, you can watch movies for free (US Only at this time).

    Apple TV Setup

    The setup is extremely simple. Plug the Apple TV into a power source and connect your digital television using an HDMI cable. When the unit has booted up, you will be prompted to connect to the wireless network. After typing your WIFI password, the Apple TV is ready to go. The unit comes with a neat little remote control but if you own an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you can download the Remote App from the iTunes App Store and get a much more user friendly experience. If you wish to purchase movies or TV shows, you must have an active iTunes account. Once your iTunes account is ready, simply click on the item you wish to rent and within seconds it’s ready to go. The Films and TV shows are really cheap however if you don’t want to pay there are still loads of options with free TV shows, podcasts and the ability to stream media from your Mac or PC via iTunes using the AirPlay feature.

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